Quotes & Praise

29 04 2010

“Mastering the Unpredictable shows how process technology can become mainstream: the means to manage the majority of work in enterprises. Adaptive case management provides the opportunity to manage knowledge-intensive environments in smarter ways. This book is right in suggesting how companies can improve their performance in development and delivery of new products and services, as well as in transforming and continuously innovating their business operations. Adaptive case management is a must for companies that seek better performance and more sustainable results of their business innovation endeavors.”

– R. Lemuel Lasher, President, Global Business Solutions Group (GBS) & Chief Innovation Officer, CSC

“Complexity of modern enterprise requires methods and techniques that address the challenge without trivialization. Adaptive Case Management provides complete and high-fidelity representation of collaborative business processes spanning social networks and globally dispersed computing assets. It is a must have tool in the arsenal of any enterprise architecture team aspiring to master global value chain transformation.”

– Vasco Drecun, Director, PLM Consulting, Siemens IT Solutions and Services

“The biggest challenge for business today in recovering from current economic downturn is to support and make best use of the knowledge work within their organizations. Mastering the Unpredictable lays out detailed tools and techniques that will allow forward thinking managers to take knowledge workers to the next level of productivity and gain an edge on competition.”

– Ryosuke Mori, Executive Vice President, Platform Products, Fujitsu America, Inc.




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