Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is information technology that exposes structured and unstructured business information (business data and content) and allows structured (business) and unstructured (social) organizations to execute work (routine and emergent processes) in a secure but transparent manner.

ACM involves three distinctive paradigm shifts:

1. ACM is a productive system that deploys not only the organization and process structure but through backend interfaces becomes the system of record for the business data entities and content involved. All processes are completely transparent as per access authorization and fully auditable.

2. ACM enables non-technical business users in virtual organizations to seamlessly create/consolidate processes from business entities, content, social interactions, and business rules. ACM can be unstructured or strict.

3. ACM moves the process knowledge gathering in the life cycle from the template analysis/modeling/simulation phase into the process execution. The ACM system collects actionable knowledge (no discussion necessary how) based on process patterns created by business users.

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22 01 2011
Hyper-Social Organizations | Collaborative Planning & Social Business

[…] to fly in the face of the BPM movement.  These guys are not from the BPM world, and not from the ACM world either.  They are focussed on how the market is behaving, why it is changing, and how you can […]

24 01 2011
Knowledge Worker Productivity Requires Autonomy | Collaborative Planning & Social Business

[…] discussion was in the post “ACM: Feature or Paradigm” about Adaptive Case Management (ACM), and whether the worker can be trusted to be customer oriented and to do the right thing.  I […]

6 02 2011
The Power of Pull: Just Win, Baby | Collaborative Planning & Social Business

[…] my part I am impressed at how clearly this book lays out the shift driving systems like Adaptive Case Management.  This is particularly relevant to those who continue to believe that ACM is just another kind of […]

11 02 2011
Team & Individual Effectiveness Intertwined | Collaborative Planning & Social Business

[…] is well worth watching this demo, because it is an excellent representation of how an Adaptive Case Management product could be constructed.  Jacob Ukelson write along the same line in his post “Asana […]

2 03 2011
Good advice on social software adoption | Collaborative Planning & Social Business

[…] Deloitte Center for the Edge has released a new white paper on “Social Software for Business Performance” (pdf) which offers some important and relevant advice to those attempting to adopt enterprise social software (ESS) in an organization.  The advice applies equally to ACM. […]

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