Requirements for an ACM System

20 02 2012

It is time for a clear definition of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) which is stated in a way that one can tell whether a particular system is an ACMS or not.  This post is an attempt to clarify that.  It is intended as that starting point for a discussion in the Linked In ACM Group.  (Linked-In makes it difficult to make long posts, so I put it here, password protected, for the time being.) Read the rest of this entry »

Review from Agile Ramblings

5 04 2011

Joe Shepley has a new blog post: “Review of Mastering the Unpredictable.”  Very good review indeed.  A couple excerpts:

As a primer on ACM, the book is definitely a success. If someone who knew nothing about ACM, BPM, and the whole raging debate around the two read this book, they’d be well armed to make up their own mind about the issue.

it tackles ACM from a range of perspectives: from private sector to public sector, from insurance and financial services to manufacturing and health care, from SMB to global F500 organizations, the authors show us ACM in many different contexts.

each chapter is self-contained, so readers can dip in and out of the text in whatever order to get what they need, which makes the work very practical to use

Thanks, Joe!

ACM Can Make Your Career

7 01 2011

A set of slide on the benefits of ACM

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Case Management Explained by Jim Sinur

12 12 2010

Here is a fairly good overview of the main points of case management and how it differs from (traditional) business process management



Also see a few comments by Martin Baronitz.


Donate a Subject for Mentor Camp

31 08 2010

Here is the downloadable PDF file about the Adaptive Case Management Mentor Camp.  (

Gathering Proposals

What should be discussed?  We are looking for proposal for presentation topics.  There is a list below in the “Summary of Topics” but these are only suggestions.   Please make a comment on this blog post.  Challenge us with your best! Read the rest of this entry »