Requirements for an ACM System

20 02 2012

It is time for a clear definition of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) which is stated in a way that one can tell whether a particular system is an ACMS or not.  This post is an attempt to clarify that.  It is intended as that starting point for a discussion in the Linked In ACM Group.  (Linked-In makes it difficult to make long posts, so I put it here, password protected, for the time being.) Read the rest of this entry »

Case Management Explained by Jim Sinur

12 12 2010

Here is a fairly good overview of the main points of case management and how it differs from (traditional) business process management



Also see a few comments by Martin Baronitz.


Donate a Subject for Mentor Camp

31 08 2010

Here is the downloadable PDF file about the Adaptive Case Management Mentor Camp.  (

Gathering Proposals

What should be discussed?  We are looking for proposal for presentation topics.  There is a list below in the “Summary of Topics” but these are only suggestions.   Please make a comment on this blog post.  Challenge us with your best! Read the rest of this entry »